• 22Apr

    The most common question/scenario now coming in from all over the country goes something like this:

    “I want to do a Snuggie Pub Crawl in my City. What do I do now?”

    Here are the steps, in a nutshell. I hope to improve upon this over time, and invite those that have successfully organized a Snuggie Pub Crawl to join this conversation and share what worked, and what didn’t.

    Location, Location, Location
    Find a main location/establishment to make the start and end point of your crawl. It needs to be someplace that wants to host an opening and closing ceremony or get a lot of attention and media for doing this. Also, it is not written in stone that you have to begin and end at the same place. A wise move for establishments is to annoint themselves the start and end point and get on the list on SnuggiePubCrawls.com as the organizer. I will link to your website as the Organizer, which provides free web traffic, exposure and publicity beyond the crawl date (also, you could do these weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever). Additionally, if your city has done a crawl in the past, there’s nothing from stopping you from doing the next.

    Event Pages to Capture RSVPs
    Even before you have finalized your route, go ahead and set up Event pages on Facebook.com and SnuggieBook.com. You can fill in more details as you firm up your route. I need at least an Event page to point people to. This gives you ample platforms to publish your message and provide updates. Once you have your Event listed, you can spread that around through your Social Networks and word gets out. Once you have a few people as Confirmed or Maybe, then the Media will start taking it seriously (which with each passing week and news story, they are quickly realizing that there’s something to this whole Snuggie Pub Crawl thing).

    Issue a Press Release
    Write 2-3 paragraphs relating the basic information of time, date, and place. You’ll want to clearly spell out the start time and where people can go to RSVP. If you don’t have your own website, refer media to SnuggiePubCrawls.com and they’ll click through to your Events pages off of there (media won’t print a long URL of an Event page, but they can point people to a SnuggiePubCrawls.com). Some cities have done their own website, which is great. If you have the time and resources to devote a website to your own event…awesome. I’ll link to it. Just let me know where and how you’d like for me to link you up. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I can direct people as to how to find you. You’ll want to issue the press release to the News Desks for all of your local media (print, radio, tv, online). If all else fails, call the organizations individually and ask them how to issue a Press Release to them (usually this will be email).

    Finalize Your Route
    Once you have your start point, Event pages and press release, finalize your stops for your crawl route. You may want to do this on foot, over the phone, or try a new online service called PubVite.com. They provide a free service and have a Snuggie Pub Crawl theme which you can use. Regardless of what tools and methods you use to secure your route locations, you’ll of course need to get the approval from each location you are wanting to include (don’t just show up in your Snuggies and expect all to just work out). At this point you can discuss potential specials that the locations are wanting to offer to the Snuggie Pub Crawlers and now is when you’re going to find yourself updating your Event pages.

    How to take it to the next level

    - Flickr or Twitpic or upload pictures live from the event.
    - Live webcasting via Qik.com or some other comparible service to SnuggieVision.com
    - Email photos from your cell to SnuggieBook.com.

    All in all this is a fluid process. You want the media notified as early as possible and they can direct people as to where to go to get the latest info. You can also visit the city list on SnuggiePubCrawls.com to visit the various websites and Event pages which have preceeded you and are linked from there. This will give you an idea as to different approaches which have been pursued.

    Final note: Have fun.

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